The name Comfy Stone came from just combining co-founder Josh’s middle name(Comfy) with co- founder Keith’s middle name(Stone). Just kidding! Comfy Stone is an oxymoron that we made up. It basically means to “make the best out of a situation” or “take the good from the bad”. Life is tough, complex, rocky, stressful, kind of like video, and we’re here to keep it comfy! 


Before we were Comfy Stone, we were just two guys with a camera and a mic making documentary films. 

Our first short film, James, was a product of the raw enthusiasm we had as young hotshots years past. It was received well at several film festivals. This was validation to start something.

Just a couple

of filmmakers

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Our priority is to help our clients effectively and efficiently define their message and brand with creative storytelling. 

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